bike, zwift •20th January 2019

Preparations for the next bike season have finally begun. A few weeks back I bought a new bike, a Canyon Endurace 7.0 AL. I absolutely love it and can't wait to get it out and do some climbs on Sljeme. 🚴 Unboxing

But until then we need to "improvise", and the improvisation is called Zwift!

I never thought about indoor cycling but I saw some YouTubers doing it(Paul The Punter, Juliet Elliott) and it looked pretty cool, so I said let's give it a try..

So I bought a home trainer Tacx Satori(TBH I fucked up, though I was buying Tacx Flow, ok I'm still happy with this smart-trainer) and gave it a try. And man was I impressed, it's so cool, engaging and addictive(give me moooore).

I never did more kilometers in a single week(ok, I was mostly mountain biking but still) and never thought that indoor biking could be such fun. All in all I'm super excited and happy I started Zwifting and can't wait to see the progress I made on the trails in spring! ❤️

This week I did my FTP test and its 213W. Also, I started a 10 weeks training program that should improve my FTP but I will keep you posted about that. 📈