About me

It's really short I promise

Hi, my name is Dino I’m 29 and founder of Reactor studio based in Zagreb. I love building quality software and experiment with new technologies. My language of choice is JavaScript. I believe in Agile practices and TDD. What does that mean? It means I’m devoted to awesome tests and I don’t settle for anything less. It means my definition of '’refactoring’’ doesn’t consider only the code. Yes, I consider myself a pragmatic journeyman. I’m a fast adopter and I care about details. I like to know how things work internally, whether it’s a testing framework, an interpreter, or a web­framework. I’m continuously working on improving my ever-expanding skillset. I absolutely love to hack on tools to make my environment more efficient (coding/non-coding). I advocate regular exercise so I can have a clear mind and good idea flow. I’m on my enduro bike whenever I find some spare time. Also, I love my green race bike which I ride all year long for commuting. The community is important to me that's why I'm a JavaScript Zagreb organizer, NodeSchool Zagreb organizer and MOP fest co-organizer.